Scissors Lifting Platform

  • Scissors lifting platform is a lifting and lowering platform.
  • The load carrying member in this platform are arms arranged in the form of scissors hence it is called as a scissors lift.
  • The geometry of the arms is such that opening of the arms (or Scissors) lifts the upper frame to a certain height depending on the size of the platform as well as the number of arms provided.
  • Capacity ranges from 200 kgs. To 5000 kgs.
  • For capacities upto 500 kgs the lifted height max attained is 4500 mm and as the capacity increases the lifted height reduces considerably.
  • Available in mild steel as well as stainless steel construction.
  • Also available in stationary and mobile type.
  • Used for:
  • Overhead maintenance purpose in factory.
  • Loading and unloading material from the truck to the shop floor and vice versa.
  • Used as a die loader
  • Used as a car lift

Available in the following three modes of operation:
  • Manual Hydraulic Operated
  • Electro Hydraulic Lever Operated
  • Control Panel Operated

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