Pallets are available in various materials and different sizes and characteristics. Pallets are used mainly to ease material handling, without handling the actual load directly.

Load in packed form or stillage is placed over the pallet instead of placing on the shop floor directly. This simplifies the further movement of the load as it can be handled / lifted / shifted directly without any hassles, as this requires no extra labour or any lifting equipment.

Pallets can be stacked over one another when not in use, maximizing the floor space.
Type of pallets depending on the material of construction :

  • Wooden Pallets
  • Stainless Steel Pallets
  • Box / Cage Pallets
  • Special Pallets

Also every pallet is classified according to the number of decks and entry sides of pallet trucks or stackers, viz:

  • 2 Way Single Deck
  • 2 Way Double Deck
  • 4 Way Single Deck
  • 4 Way Double Deck

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